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  • I hurt my ankle nearly three years ago. By the time I met Dr. Walls, I had already seen three other doctors. Dr. Walls was the first one to actually dedicate himself to my full recovery. We pursued different treatment options, including an injection and later diagnostic tests, before ultimately landing on surgery. After years of disappointment, I am completely pain-free thanks to Dr. Walls. I can't thank him or recommend him highly enough.
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  • Dr. Walls is professional, knowledgeable, talented and skilled. He performed surgery to stabilize my lisfranc injury (mid foot). Being a performer I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to function normally again. With his cool head and confident demeanor he assured me that I would be just fine which put me at ease. He thoroughly explained my injury and what was needed, showing me the x-rays. Surgery was scheduled for right away and 36 weeks post-op I am doing better than great! Swelling is c
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  • Met for a consultation in his Staten Island office in December 2022, had surgery in January 2023, great experience from start to finish. Dr Walls is not only knowledgeable in his field, he goes the extra mile to listen and explain every detail of my surgery, and I?m not talking about medical terms, it was in plain and understandable English. His staff is unbelievably friendly and helpful, from Mary in Staten Island to Laina in his Essex St office and everyone else in between. Also like to commend all the people at the NYU Langone hospital on 17th Street where my surgery was done, better than a 5 star hotel treatment. ?Great Job Everyone?? Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
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  • Dr. Walls saved my life. He gave me back the quality of life that I was missing for so many years. I suffered for so long with a flat foot deformity. My right foot had a totally collapsed arch. Pain was a way of life, until I saw Dr Walls. We first tried Physical Therapy and new orthodics. After a year , surgery was inevitable. I had a triple arthrodesis procedure. The road to recovery was long, but so worth it!!! Don't live in pain, see Dr. Walls for help. He is also a sweetheart ??
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  • Dr. Walls performed surgery on my ruptured achilles tendon. He did an excellent job and I am completely recovered. He is a doctor who truly listens to you and really cares about you and your concerns. He will answer hundreds of questions patiently. Dr. Walls was highly recommended to me and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs his services.
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  • I rate my experience with Dr. Walls a 10/10. Amazing surgeon and a really great guy as well. Also a river dancer with is undoubtedly a good thing.
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  • I am extremely satisfied with my foot surgery performed by Dr. Walls. I have severely deformed feet, with extremely high arches, with pain everyday. I am a college athlete, so although playing was not my first priority, Dr. Walls made it one. My surgery was extremely long and difficult and he did an amazing job. I had a great recovery and I am very thankful to be pain free and able to play my sport again. I would highly recommend Dr. Walls to anyone with a foot problem!
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  • My husband had several ankle surgeries due to a serious fall. Dr. Walls was the only one who made his ankle fuse therefore helping him to walk again with no pain. His expertise and genuine caring of the patient is highly acknowledged. I would recommend this knowledgeable, kind and genuine doctor who is not afraid to consult with other colleagues in order to give the best outcome to the patient. He has made my husband have quality of life again,
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  • Dr. Walls is a very kind and knowledgeable physician who took the time to explain the physiology of my orthopedic condition and answer all the question I had without making me feel like I was taking up his time.
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  • I was treated for a Achilles tendonosis by Dr. Walls. He was professional, attentive and extremely knowledgeable of my injury. Having been misdiagnosed initially by an ER doctor, Dr. Walls quickly got me proper X-rays and an MRI and treated the injury correctly- with no surgery! He listened to my concerns and trusted me to follow his medical orders which I did to the letter. My recovery was excellent under his care and I was out of my orthopedic boot sooner than I thought. Thank-you Dr. Walls!
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