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  • I have been dealing with ankle issues since an accident 22 years ago. I had an ankle replacement with another doctor and was in extreme pain afterward. That doctor kept telling me there was nothing wrong. I went to see Dr. Walls and he found the cause of my pain and fixed it! He did my surgery about 3 months ago and feel good for the first time in years. I couldn’t be more grateful to this man.
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  • Dr. Walls performed a total talus replacement for my dead talus bone. I had a bad injury 10 years ago in a car accident. We tried bracing which did help for several years, and also the Ideo brace which was developed for the military. This was a game changer at first and allowed me to run for a few years without any pain. Eventually the bone started to collapse. I saw many doctors who advised fusions. But Dr. Walls used cutting edge technology and is one of a few surgeons who has expertise with talus replacement. We did the surgery almost 2 years ago and I am still painfree. I am swimming and cycling almost every day. I?m not a mad man and know that my running days are behind me. Dr. Walls is compassionate, understanding and always available to talk should I have any concerns. He explains things in layman terms. There is nobody better in the world for ankle surgery. He changed my life. I would give 10 stars if I could.
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  • Had front tibial tendon total rupture, rare occurrence they say, in 2021. Dr Walls repaired perfectly, and I was back to normal last year after 3-4 months of PT. A miracle, I say! Thanks you!
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  • I had surgery 2015, and few months later I was walking again. Really bad accident and Dr Walls fixed my ankle, today 2022 I will do a replacement and will choose him to do. He is the best on this area.
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  • I was referred to Dr Walls after a second achilles/infection surgery and my current surgeon did not know what the next step was after the infection in my wound returned. Dr Walls put me at ease, by doing extensive testing prior to my surgery and gave me all of the scenarios that he may face with my third surgery in 4 months. Not only did he communicate extensively but he also pulled an incredible team together of infectious disease, plastic surgeon, and post surgical care. If I had not met Dr Walls I would not be walking and back to my life the way I am today. He is one of the best in the country and I cannot recommend Dr Walls and the entire NYU Orthopedic team enough. There is a reason why NYU is the best in NYC! Thank you Dr Walls , you are amazing!
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  • I can't speak highly enough about Dr. Walls and his office staff. My daughter suffered for many years with an achilles/ankle injury. He was professional, compassionate and the only doctor, of many, who realized she needed more than just pain management. He helped us develop a plan even while she was away at college. I credit him and my daughter's hard work towards her recovery for her renewed ability to be active again.
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  • I had a syndesmosis injury and a fully broken fibula and partial break of the tibia at the ankle region. I went to HSS for an initial opinion and although the doctor was good, I'm glad I went to Walls as a second opinion. Dr. Walls is extremely thorough (opted for 2h of surgery time vs 1h at HSS). He has an amazing bedside manner and takes the time to answer all of my questions. In today's medical care culture, doctors really spend more than 5m with you. I'm now 11w from surgery and am able to walk normally and PT has been going great. Thank you Dr. Walls for your amazing work and commitment to the Hippocratic oath.
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  • Dr. Walls took really good care of me! Explaining what he thinks happened to my ankle/tendon and what needs to be done prior to my surgery. He answered all my questions and I felt extremely comfortable going forward with surgery. His staff is also top notch - they are so helpful! I had a lot of paperwork that needed to be completed and they were on top of it.
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  • I have been suffering for the last 3 years from a large cavity in my ankle, (hole in the bone). After 3 surgeries and a host of treatment and therapies there was no relief in site. After researching a host of hospitals and well known surgeons in the orthopedic field, I begun to research the NYU model of excellence for orthopedic surgeries. Thereafter, I begun to study Dr Walls, and what inspired me first was his confidence and the large number of successful “total ankle replacement”, he had performed. I scheduled an appointment with him and, explained my difficulties and the constant pain; not to mention the my lack of quality of life. He assured me that he will do his very best to provide a successful surgery and improve my quality of life. Fast forward to the surgery, it was performed and took around 4 plus hours. I must say, the service at NYU Langone was honestly above and beyond. But, Dr Walls role was INSTRUMENTAL. 2 months later and I am healing fine. Thanks to God!!
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  • Dr. Walls took a conservative approach to treating my fractured ankle, which I appreciated. He gave it time to see if it would heal correctly before considering surgery. He is very patient, reassuring and personable. Just the kind of doctor you'd hope to find in time of need.
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