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  • Dr Walls has performed both ankle and toe surgery for me and i couldn't be more pleased with the outcomes. His clear directions on recovery and return to normal life proved completely accurate and appreciated. Dr Walls care and concern were always apparent. Office visits were always timely and thorough. I highly recommend Dr Walls to patients requiring foot and/or ankle surgery.
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  • Dr. Walls was amazing from start to finish. He clearly explained my options for repairing my fully ruptured Achilles’ tendon. He listened to my concerns and helped me to keep things in perspective. After a successful surgery, he was always available to promptly answer my questions. He was encouraging and patient. As an athletic 30 year old who had just experienced a severe injury and felt as though my world had ended, he had a wealth of experiences to share and kept me optimistic about my future. Just 6 months after surgery I was back on the golf course. I would highly recommend Dr. Walls!
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  • Dr. Walls performed a rather difficult surgery on my big toe. Not only is this man a gem (kind, great personality), he did an excellent job with the surgery. Dr. Walls was always on time...great doctor..would highly recommend him for foot surgery.
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  • I hurt my ankle nearly three years ago. By the time I met Dr. Walls, I had already seen three other doctors. Dr. Walls was the first one to actually dedicate himself to my full recovery. We pursued different treatment options, including an injection and later diagnostic tests, before ultimately landing on surgery. After years of disappointment, I am completely pain-free thanks to Dr. Walls. I can't thank him or recommend him highly enough.
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  • I have had four surgeries on my ankle with three doctors total and two of the surgeries were performed by Dr Walls. He took the time to explain my condition in great detail, consulted with other doctors not only from this practice, but from other doctors across the country. He took his time to make sure the surgeries were done correctly. I am extremely happy with the way he took care of me.
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  • Dr Walls is one of the most caring, knowledgeable Doctors I have ever met. He performed a triple arthrodesis procedure on my right foot which was extremely flat, with a collapsed arch. Pain was a way of life for me until I met Dr Walls. A year later I am like new, pain free and extremely happy.. Thank you Dr. Walls
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  • Dr. Walls was absolutely one of the most caring and concerned doctor I have ever met. He diagnosed me perfectly and solved all my foot pain that I suffered with for 14 years. He explains everything so that you know exactly what is going on. I highly recommend him and already have done so to anyone I know with a foot problem.
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  • I am extremely satisfied with my foot surgery performed by Dr. Walls. I have severely deformed feet, with extremely high arches, with pain everyday. I am a college athlete, so although playing was not my first priority, Dr. Walls made it one. My surgery was extremely long and difficult and he did an amazing job. I had a great recovery and I am very thankful to be pain free and able to play my sport again. I would highly recommend Dr. Walls to anyone with a foot problem!
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  • I had a long time peroneal tendon issue, and after an X-Ray and MRI I finally got an answer to explain my pain. Dr. Walls repaired an ugly damaged tendon, the pain is gone, the recuperation was long, but necessary. He was always available when needed, and when out of town, he was still attentive and made sure his staff took all necessary procedures. I hope never to have this done again, but I would highly recommend Dr. Walls.
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  • Dr Wall is an excellent doctor; professional, knowledgeable, articulate, and meticulous about the care he provides. He made certain I understood what my condition, what it required to heal, and what my responsibilities were in my recovery. I recommend him without any hesitation.
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