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  • I have been suffering for the last 3 years from a large cavity in my ankle, (hole in the bone). After 3 surgeries and a host of treatment and therapies there was no relief in site. After researching a host of hospitals and well known surgeons in the orthopedic field, I begun to research the NYU model of excellence for orthopedic surgeries. Thereafter, I begun to study Dr Walls, and what inspired me first was his confidence and the large number of successful “total ankle replacement”, he had performed. I scheduled an appointment with him and, explained my difficulties and the constant pain; not to mention the my lack of quality of life. He assured me that he will do his very best to provide a successful surgery and improve my quality of life. Fast forward to the surgery, it was performed and took around 4 plus hours. I must say, the service at NYU Langone was honestly above and beyond. But, Dr Walls role was INSTRUMENTAL. 2 months later and I am healing fine. Thanks to God!!
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  • Dr. Walls performed a complete ankle replacement on me in January 2023. He is kind informative, and confident. He takes his time with you and has a great beside manner. 8 months post surgery and I’m pain free. If your searching for an all around great surgeon he’s the one.Dennis O
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  • I had been suffering from a torn Achilles tendon and Haglunds deformity for 9 months making it practically impossible to take a single step. Thru sheer luck I found Dr Raymond Walls, NYU foot and ankle surgeon. From our first meeting I was confident he was the surgeon for me. It is now four and a half months after my very complex surgery and I am doing great. Dr. Walls skill as a surgeon is unsurpassed. In addition, he is warm, kind and caring, and this attitude transcends down to his entire staff. Phenomenal dedicated doctor.
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  • I suffered ankle pain for years. Dr. Walls was the only one to commit himself to my problem. I had to call NYU to schedule my tests but in this day and age, that is expected. I took control of my problem and looked until I found the best doctor. Doctor Walls is simply the best. His knowledge is unsurpassed. He spends time to explain everything. After years of endless pain I have been able to run again. In 2 weeks I have the NYC marathon and am running with my wife and daughter. Dr. Walls : THANK YOU!!!!
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  • On May 10th I fell and broke my ankle in two places. I immediately called Dr Walls and although they were completely without appts he said come in. I was immediately transferred to Langone Orthopedic hospital cleared for surgery the next day. Dr Walls sat with me and my family a few minutes prior to me being wheeled into surgery. What a compassionate man to arrest my fears. Surgery was a success, no pain and my recovery has gone on schedule. He was recommended to me by a friend who had surgery in January and I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr Walls to anyone in need of surgery. Wonderful office in Staten Island with caring staff
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  • Met for a consultation in his Staten Island office in December 2022, had surgery in January 2023, great experience from start to finish. Dr Walls is not only knowledgeable in his field, he goes the extra mile to listen and explain every detail of my surgery, and I’m not talking about medical terms, it was in plain and understandable English. His staff is unbelievably friendly and helpful, from Mary in Staten Island to Laina in his Essex St office and everyone else in between. Also like to commend all the people at the NYU Langone hospital on 17th Street where my surgery was done, better than a 5 star hotel treatment. “Great Job Everyone”… Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
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  • This surgery is tough. Pain and loss of mobility. But every step along the way I felt supported in my recovery and am now returning to a more active lifestyle. Great doctor with great results.
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  • After two failed surgeries a a very reputable orthopedic hospital in NY, Dr. Walls was recommended by a friend who had just had achilles surgery at NYU with Dr. Walls. My ankle and foot were swollen and painful. Dr. Walls did an MRI, saw the problem (ruptured achilles) and repaired. He was pleasant to deal with and efficient. I am no longer in pain and walking unaided!
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  • You will not find a bigger fan of Dr. Ray Walls than me. A former professional dancer, I had been suffering from chronic ankle pain due to overuse, multiple sprains, torn ligaments, and an OCD lesion for 6 years. After a misdiagnosis and a failed surgery by two other doctors, I was beginning to think my life as a dancer or even an active person was over. Enter Dr. Walls. He correctly diagnosed the problems, went above and beyond to exhaust all methods of fixing them, and spent more time explaining these methods in a way I could understand than any other physician I've seen. From the initial consult to today's final visit, I have never felt more heard or understood by a doctor. His background in dance himself allows him to truly empathize with dancers and his understanding of the demands of the profession made me feel confident that he would do everything in his power to fix my ankle. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me my life back.
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  • Dr Walls is my second doctor that addressed my foot/ankle crushing injury. he was a God send, that I wish I had first seen. my first doctor recommended amputation after two unsuccessful fusion surgeries. Dr Walls coached, informed and encouraged me to trust his expertise for saving my foot. His knowledge, great and friendly bed side manner gave me the strength to succeed in my treatment. Dr Walls, and his team, gave me hope that I could walk again on my own TWO feet. It has been six months since his incredible work that I can begin looking forward to a better life. Thank you, to you and your team for your concern and care.
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