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  • I broke my ankle in March of 2019. An orthopedic surgeon operated on it March 9, 2019. After 18 months of pain and being told by a second surgeon that I was not a candidate for an ankle replacement only a fusion I went to Dr. Walls. He was a breath of fresh air. Without hesitation he showed me the different types of ankle replacements and what he would recommend. He performed the surgery in December of 2020 (which took him 10 hours) and now I have absolutely no pain in my ankle. This doctor is very personable and skilled and I would highly recommend him.
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  • Dr. Walls was amazing! He was a second opinion for my mom’s fracture in her ankle. He was very diligent in making sure he went through the steps of alternatives to surgery. Ultimately surgery was the only answer. My mom is more than happy with the service Dr. Walls has provided. The pain she felt for just over a year was gone. Now shes working on rehabing the ankle and working through the pain of the actual surgery. She is beyond satisfied with Dr. Walls. She would recommend to all who need a foot/ankle specialist. 10/10 overall! Bravo Dr. Walls.
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  • Dr. Walls was amazing from start to finish. He clearly explained my options for repairing my fully ruptured Achilles’ tendon. He listened to my concerns and helped me to keep things in perspective. After a successful surgery, he was always available to promptly answer my questions. He was encouraging and patient. As an athletic 30 year old who had just experienced a severe injury and felt as though my world had ended, he had a wealth of experiences to share and kept me optimistic about my future. Just 6 months after surgery I was back on the golf course. I would highly recommend Dr. Walls!
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  • Dr. Wall’s was referred to me by a friend who highly recommended him for helping her with a severe club foot problem. I sought help from Dr. Walls after I had a horrific outcome from a foot surgery performed by another doctor. I had extensive damage and was in severe pain. In addition, I had gone from a size 7 to a size 9 on that foot. From the moment I met Dr. Walls, I was impressed with the time and meticulous attention given to me. Dr. Walls and his team performed a 7 hour surgery to remove broken implants and wires, and correct a severe bunion and hammer toes. My prior surgery took 2 hours to create the disaster that Dr. Walls fixed. My foot is back to my normal size, I have no pain, am able to do all of the activities that I love, such as running and cycling. For this, I am forever grateful. Dr. Walls’ expertise in this complex orthopedic field is unsurpassed. And I must say, he is the warmest and nicest person with whom you may ever interact. He is simply OUTSTANDING!
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  • Dr. Walls is simply fantastic. Knowledgeable (offers care/plan options!), caring (truly interested), attentive (he listens!), human (a wonderful person who happens to be a top-notch orthopedic surgeon!). I am so grateful to have received his care and I cannot recommend Dr Walls more highly.
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  • I had been suffering from a torn Achilles tendon and Haglunds deformity for 9 months making it practically impossible to take a single step. Thru sheer luck I found Dr. Raymond Walls, NYU foot and ankle surgeon. From our first meeting I was confident he was the surgeon for me. It is now four and a half months after my very complex surgery and I am doing great. Dr. Walls skill as a surgeon is unsurpassed. In addition, he is warm, kind and caring and this attitude transcends down to his whole staff. Phenomenal dedicated doctor.
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  • Dr. Walls is an excellent foot surgeon and caring physician. He is very thorough in his explanations of the diagnosis and therapies. After my surgery, he explained the entire procedure to my husband, which my husband appreciated. At each of my follow-up appointments, Dr. Walls once again took the time to ensure that I was comfortable with the original surgery and healing process.
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  • My 17 year old daughter had severe pain and swelling in her feet since she was 6 years old. Wasn't able to run short distances, participate in gym or even walk around track at school. If she had a long day at school, she would literally crawl up stairs because pain was so bad. She has seen orthopedic doctors, an RA doctor (put her on RA MEDS!!!), podiatrist, had custom inserts, physical therapy and no diagnosis. I was so frustrated that I called Dr. Wall after reading his background online. At the time, she was 15 almost 16 and after having Cat scans and MRI on Both feet, he confirmed her feet were deformed, had bone spurs and needed surgery on both feet. Took about a year but its been six months since her final surgery and she no longer suffers with pain and swelling. Dr. Wall is very patient and explained in detail the procedures before and after surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Wall and want to thank him for curing my daughter.
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  • As a former competitive Irish Step Dancer, I was delighted to get an appointment with Dr. Walls. It is well worth anyone's time to see this specialist, as he will impart meaningful dialogue unique to your injury. Make no bones about it, you are safe in this wonderful doctor's hands!
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  • Dr. Walls treated me for three dislocated toes, severe bunion and an infection. He listened and worked collaboratively with my RA doctor to coordinate treatment and surgery. I went from experiencing severe foot pain on a daily basis to no pain whatsoever after Dr. Walls performed 6 hour surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Walls for his attention to detail and care with his patients.
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