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  • "I was involved in a head on motor vehicle accident in 2014. After several unsuccessful surgeries, I was referred to Dr Walls. I had surgery 11/ 2016. My surgery was 11 hours. I had removal of broken hardware, a bone graft from my hip, 2 plates & 6 screws. It took almost 8 months to fully recover but I am back. I am able to work my full time job which keeps me on my feet all day. Thank you Dr Raymond Walls for giving me my life back!! I am forever grateful!!."
  • Extremely thorough and explains everything to you!
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  • Superb foot surgeon!! I had awful bunions and couldn’t even get into shoes anymore. A podiatrist did a botch job which left me in more pain. Dr. Walls was able to correct his mistakes and now my foot looks normal. I have no pain and can even wear heels. Dr. Walls is the best most caring doctor I have ever met and his office is always responsive. 5 stars!!
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  • I had a total ankle replacement with Dr. Walls and am playing tennis, running and painfree for the first time in years.
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  • I had a total ankle replacement 3 years ago. Pain had been a way of life. Thanks to Dr. Walls, I am able to play tennis and golf regularly. I still travel from Washington to see him as there is nobody better. He spends time with me and explains everything in detail.
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  • I have had several surgeries with Dr. Walls after a severe falling injury. When I began seeing him I couldn’t walk at all. We did fusions and revisions and finally the full replacement. Dr. Walls is compassionate, explains everything and makes me feel valid as a person and a patient. His bedside manner is second to none and the whole staff in the office, including Elaina is patient and kind. Traveled from Boston and Connecticut for care here!
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  • Dr. Walls treated me for damaged ankle cartilage called an OCL. I'm a professional dancer and I thought my career was over until I met Dr. Walls. Other surgeons told me I would have to retire. However Dr. Walls performed arthroscopic surgery where combined cartilage graft with my own stem cells. This was 2 years ago and I am back performing painfree. I am so grateful and highly recommend him. Simply the best!!
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  • Dr. Walls performed a total talus replacement for my dead talus bone. I had a bad injury 10 years ago in a car accident. We tried bracing which did help for several years, and also the Ideo brace which was developed for the military. This was a game changer at first and allowed me to run for a few years without any pain. Eventually the bone started to collapse. I saw many doctors who advised fusions. But Dr. Walls used cutting edge technology and is one of a few surgeons who has expertise with talus replacement. We did the surgery almost 2 years ago and I am still painfree. I am swimming and cycling almost every day. I’m not a mad man and know that my running days are behind me. Dr. Walls is compassionate, understanding and always available to talk should I have any concerns. He explains things in layman terms. There is nobody better in the world for ankle surgery. He changed my life. I would give 10stars if I could.
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  • Dr Ray Walls is the best ankle surgeon. I had cartilage damage for years in my ankle due to a soccer injury. He performed surgery 6months ago and the pain I had for years is gone. I wish I had seen him years ago. I’m now back running and have my life back. I cannot recommend him enough. If you have an ankle problem, this is the guy!
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  • Great surgeon who was able to get back to some sense of normalcy after I broke my leg and suffered from compartment syndrome. The compartment syndrome caused my ankle and foot to become practically useless. But Dr. Walls performed two surgeries that had amazing outcomes and helped me get back to walking and driving.
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