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AAOS 2018: Advances in Orthopaedic treatments and technologies confirm that Dr Walls is at the forefront of clinical practice

With more than 16,000 surgeons in attendance, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Annual meeting is considered the leading conference for Orthopaedic specialists worldwide. This years conference was held in New Orleans, March 6-10.

Dr Walls was present for the Foot and Ankle speciality day where advancements in cartilage repair, ankle instability and stem cell augmentation were discussed. Exciting new data confirms that Dr Walls is at the forefront of these technologies, many of which are already benefiting his patients. While Dr Walls utilizes platelet derived growth factors to augment his foot and ankle fusion procedures, a new injectable form will hopefully soon be cleared by the FDA with early research indicating greater success and faster healing times.

Advances in Orthopaedic treatments

An expert panel discussed treatment of Hallux rigidus and outlined advanced techniques to preserve joint motion. "Cartiva" is a synthetic cartilage replacement that is proving an indespensible implant in the treatment of arthritis of the great toe. However, it is not for all and new data confirms that patient selection & education is critical to success. Dr Walls is one of only a few surgeons in Connecticut who is skilled with this implant and can offer his patients, in the correct context, a means to preserve motion for end-stage arthritis.

Dr Thomas Lee, President of the AOFAS (American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society) outlined the vision for the society, which is focused on research, education & training, and clinical excellence to ensure our patients receive only the highest quality care. It is clear that the orthopedic community is leading the way in Foot and Ankle practice and our dynamic leadership will ensure this continues.

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